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Attention Hunters and Trap Shooters...

SimHunt™ is here!


SimHunt™ is the most advanced hunting and shooting simulator for the residential market, yet it is very easy to install and use.


This simulator attracts serious hunters as well as people looking for entertainment activities. It is an incredible teaching tool for hunters and shooters of all levels. Clay shooters will also find the best Trap and Skeet analyzer on the market.


Hone your hunting skills with this advanced shooting simulator, right in the comfort of your own home. Complete with a true 3-dimensional worlds, realistic animal movement, unparalleled accuracy and outstanding graphics are what set SimHunt™ above the competition. Watch as your trusted dog works the field, to flush grouse or pheasants. Prepare yourself as wild boar run across the clear cut in front of you.


The system includes a hit detection camera capable of tracking 2 lasers for multiple shooters at the same time, installation software, a more than 40 games and scenarios.




huntsimdualThe SimHunt™ simulator is designed to be a single or double shooter system for hours of fun and skill improvement. Tournament-mode lets simultaneously shoot any targets so you can challenge your friends head-to-head or just hunt together. With a rich variety of hunting scenarios and different shooying style shooting games you will be able to share the experience with a fellow hunter. Competition is great for sharpening your skills while you enjoy the immersive hunting experience.




Instant feedback gives you a better and deeper understanding on how to improve your targeting and general shooting techniques. This is also what makes SimHunt™ a perfect teaching and learning tool for any aspiring hunter or shooter. Within certain pertinent areas of the software, SimHunt™ has the ability to track your gun barrel movement (Requires tracking module - The Tracker is included with the Pro and Theater models) allowing you to replay and analyze your barrel motion and shot placement. This feedback provides great insights for beginner and advanced shooters alike.


Choose Your Model:


SimHuntShootingSimulatorSimHunt™ includes:


  • IR Camera Device - Dual wavelength tracking cameras
  • Hunting Rifle (inert)
  • Hunting and Shooting Software with over 40 games and modes
  • Camera Mount
  • USB cable package


This is an add-on that requires you have a home theater projection system - You supply the projector and computer (required specs: Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8, and a graphics card that can handle modern computer games. Nvidia or ATI is preferred) - or go with the complete SimHunt™ Theater model below.


Makes a great add-on to your Home Theater!

Contact UsFREE Shipping! (lower 48 USA only)



SimHuntProSimHunt Pro™ includes:


  • Hunting Rifle (inert)
  • Tracker (2 Laser Tracking Module)
  • IR Camera Device - Dual wavelength tracking cameras
  • SIRT Training Pistol (inert)
  • Hunting and Shooting Software with over 40 games and modes
  • Gun Case - hard plastic
  • Camera Mount
  • USB cable package


This is an add-on that needs a sim optimized projector and computer (like the SimHunt™ package above). See the SimHunt Theater™ package below for a turnkey solution.


Contact UsTake advantage of the special offer going on now: FREE Shipping! (lower 48 USA only)



SimHunt Theater™ includes:


  • SimHuntTheaterEverything in the SimHunt Pro™ above, plus:
  • Sim-optimized Laptop Computer
  • Video Projector (Full HD 1080p, 3000 Lumens)
  • Projector Mount
  • Simulator Cable Package


With this system, it's always hunting season!


Take action today and get shooting on this cutting edge simulator!


Contact us below for more details and pricing...

SimHuntlogosnap1a Learn More! SimHuntlogosnap1a
SimHuntlogosnap1a For more info on SimHunt SimHuntlogosnap1a






SimHunt Shooting Simulators


Whether you are a die hard hunter or just like to hunt, this system is truly the ultimate. It can be setup as an add-on product for our golf and sport simulators, or as a great stand-alone system. The hunter education and training software is first class and we are excited to be able to offer this realistic and entertaining simulator to the USA. We have scoured the planet and this system meets the needs of our most discerning customers.


These shooting simulators are designed to provide skill development and entertainment for shooters of all ages. They use infrared laser based technology and shooters can develop their skills using true-to-life replica laser firearms within simulated hunting situations. This system provides a shooter the opportunity to hunt big game, waterfowl and shoot trap all in one session. You can make it part of your home theater system to provide hours of entertainment and skill building — all within a safe shooting environment.





SimHunt is Now Better than Ever!

Great new software titles and scenarios have been added:

Bear Hunting

Hunting Trail

Night Challenge Sporting Clays

Random Boars

Updated Bird Hunting

Improved Clay Shooting

And more!


contactshiny64For special pricing and more information on SimHunt

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